3 in 1 Camping Light

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Enjoy outdoor activities at night with this 3-in-1 portable light!

Are you an adventurer or loves outdoor activities? We have something that will help your camping trips EXTRA BRIGHT, introducing the 3-in-1 CAMPING LIGHT.
3-in-1 Camping Light is an OUTDOOR LANTERN that has THREE FUNCTIONS with its ADVANCED RETRACTABLE DESIGN you can achieve THREE TOOLS in ONE! It is an LED LIGHT that has 2 MODEs of LIGHT which is WHITE and WARM LIGHT. When PULLED UP it is a LANTERN with WHITE LIGHT, PUSH IT DOWN to FULLY RETRACT and PULL UP BACK to SWITCH to YELLOW WARM LIGHT. PRESS the BUTTON and it will TURN ON the FLASHLIGHT. The Yellow Light has a FLICKERING EFFECT that looks like a REAL FLAME.
3-in-1 Camping Light is LIGHTWEIGHT and COMPACT making it PORTABLE and EAST to CARRY. It is SOLAR POWERED but still can PROVIDE an ULTRA-BRIGHT LIGHT. It is WATERPROOF. Its WORKING HOURS depends on the LIGHT you use: 15HRS for the WHITE LIGHT, 75HRS for FLAME LIGHTS and 100 HRS for the FLASHLIGHT.
3-in-1 Camping Light is also SUITABLE for Work Light, Book Light, Reading Light, Hurricane Lantern, Emergency Light, Hiking, Fishing, Tent Lights and other outdoor activities. It is STRONG and DURABLE. It can be guaranteed to have a LONG LIFESPAN.


Model1 (drybattery)

Color:black, gold, blue

Powered by 3 AA batteries (batteries not included)

Max. working time:

White light: 15hrs,Warm light:75 hrs, Flashlight:100 hrs.


Model2 (chargeable)

Color:black, gold, blue

Powered by solar energy or through a charging cable

Max. working time:12 hours for all 3 modes

Weight: 0.25kg/0.55lb

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