3D Multiuse Angled Ruler

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We are happy to offer a product that can make carpentry job EASIER and FASTER. Introducing the 3D MULTIUSE ANGLED RULER. A carpenters MUST HAVE!

3D Multiuse Angled Ruler is an ANGLE RULER that is SPECIALLY DESIGNED to PROVIDE ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS along the EDGE of a BOARD or other WORKPIECE with IMMENSE PRECISION. It is a 90° angle ruler that is made of DURABLE and HIGH-STRENGTH PLASTIC.

It is MULTIFUNCTIONAL as it can use for MARKING gauge for PARALLEL lines, a DRILL GUIDE for determining drill bit diameter, a RULER with INCHES and CENTIMETERS, and a FUNCTIONAL STENCIL. This tool can CREATE LAYOUTS in tiling, bricking, paving stones, lumbering, laminating, and more. It is HANDY and very CONVENIENT.

3D Multiuse Angled Ruler can work with THREE DIMENSIONAL items such as timber, pipes, wood, etc. It can HOLD it SNUGLY in PLACE while the TWO-SCALE SURFACES let you MARK and MEASURE the TOP. EDGE and CORNERS SIMULTANEOUSLY. It stops for 45° and 90° angles. It helps carpenters job easier and faster as it SAVES a LOT of TIME and FRUSTRATION when measuring tricky custom angles.

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