All In One Wireless Brush Cleaner

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Interchangeable powerful brushes in one wireless tool for a deep and effective removal of stubborn stains.

All-in-One Wireless Brush Cleaner is a CORDLESS SCRUB BRUSH that is CREATED to CLEAN all types of DIRT and DEBRIS. This scrub can take away dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and other types of dirt that is build up on your home. It can clean patio furniture tables and chairs made of plastic, glass, and wicker. The polishing pad can scrub tiles and flowerpots and even has several uses on vehicles.
It can SPIN at a QUICK SPEED of 500 RPMS providing a FORCE torque can SCRUB and CLEAN outdoor furniture quickly and with ease. With its HIGH RPMS this scrub does not REQUIRE using a TOXIC and CHEMICAL based cleaners as it can CLEAN at its own making it SAFE for ADULTS, CHILDREN, and the ENVIRONMENT.
All-in-One Wireless Brush Cleaner hasTHREE INTERCHANGEABLE BRUSHES: The SOFT FLEX CORNER BRUSH is for cleaning the tight crevices such as cleaning window shutters or garden fixtures. It can also be used to clean dirty car tire rims. The WIDE FLAT BRUSH is a flat pad that can be used to polish car surfaces to make car paint look new again. It can also be used for smaller surfaces, like polishing flowerpots or delicate exteriors made from tiles. Then lastly, the EXTRA-LARGE FLAT BRUSH that is used for greater surface area exteriors that need to be cleaned such as fences and painted wood furniture.

All-in-One Wireless Brush Cleaner is CORDLESS making it easy to bring anywhere without the trouble of cords dragging around you. It is RECHARGEABLE as it comes with a charging cord that can be plugged into a regular outlet. It is LIGHTWEIGHT making it very easy to HOLD and CARRY while cleaning and prevent you from getting tired.

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